Understanding Sexual Health as You Age

man's handsKnowing what to expect as you get older can be confusing. Trying to figure out what is normal, natural and healthy when your body starts to change can be difficult – especially when it comes to the reproductive system. Take a look at some of the slow changes that may happen as the years pass to help understand your body better.

You may encounter gradual changes related to sperm production, testicular tissue and erectile function. The rate of sperm production may slow, and testicular tissue mass can decrease. As testosterone levels get lower, it can be difficult to maintain an erection. You may also encounter changes in urinary function as prostate tissue changes. Some studies suggest that around 50 percent of men face this condition, also called benign prostatic hyperplasia. As a result, you may experience difficulty with urination and ejaculation.

In addition to aging, other health conditions can contribute to reproductive changes. Physical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and prostate cancer may be impacting your reproductive system. Fortunately, men struggling with erectile dysfunction have multiple treatment options. If you’ve already tried medication and are looking for an alternative treatment, consider WAVE therapy in Jacksonville. This painless, medication-free treatment uses sound waves to increase blood flow and deliver growth factors. Learn more about Wave Therapy treatment at

Understanding Physical Changes As You Age

Man at the gymHave you been experiencing physical changes and wondering what the cause is? Are you having trouble distinguishing between common side effects of aging and problems with low testosterone? While the natural process of aging demands that you adapt to changes in your body, there may be other conditions disrupting your health. Dropping testosterone levels – a condition that is treatable – could be the culprit for what you are feeling.

Testosterone, a naturally occurring hormone, helps maintain certain bodily functions for men. Your sex drive, fat distribution, muscle mass, bone density and sperm production are connected to testosterone levels. Unfortunately significant drops in testosterone can result in side effects like decreased energy levels, decreased strength, fatigue, decreased body hair, and erectile dysfunction.

While testosterone changes and aging may be responsible for these side effects, the physical changes could be occurring because of other reasons. If you’ve been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, testicular cancer, HIV or type 2 diabetes, you may experience also these symptoms. Other causes, such as alcohol use or side effects of medication, could be the reason you are feeling weak or having a decreased libido.

To help determine why your body is undergoing changes related to energy level, muscle strength and sexual function, visit the doctors at Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville. Your doctors can find out if you are a good candidate for low testosterone treatment in Florida. With a simple blood test, you can learn if your testosterone level has dropped, then discuss possible treatments.

What Does Testosterone Do?

Are you curious about the low testosterone treatment (Low-T) provided by Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville? At the clinic we provide Low-T treatment which can provide several benefits to men facing sexual difficulties. To help you better understand the potential benefits of Low-T treatment in Florida, take a moment to learn about how testosterone works.

Testosterone is a natural hormone, part of the class of androgens, found in greater quantities in men. It takes three forms in the blood: as albumin, sex hormone binding globulin and free testosterone. This hormone assists with reproductive development as well as regulation of processes in the body. Some of the positive effects of testosterone include lower body fat, muscle building, increased libido, improved mental function, increased bone strength, improved mood and energy levels, and enhanced sexual pleasure.

As men age testosterone production decreases gradually. Some men experience significant drops in testosterone levels that results in an impact on mental and physical health. This decline can mean lower energy levels, strength, mental acuity, sexual desire and muscle mass. Fortunately, Low-T treatment can be used to help mitigate these symptoms. Visit Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville, FL to find out if you are eligible to treatment. Make an appointment for a blood test to measure your testosterone levels at

Higher Testosterone and Building Intimacy

Low testosterone can become an issue in even the closest of relationships, resulting in physical, emotional, and sexual changes. This includes erectile dysfunction (ED) and loss of Libido. Pursuing low testosterone treatment in Florida can give you the resources to make sexual encounters a source of intimacy and pleasure, rather than frustration.

After the age of 30, testosterone levels may start to decline. This essential hormone is involved in moderating and driving healthy processes and daily activities. With a severe drop in testosterone, men have been known to suffer from lower energy levels, weight gain, muscle loss, depression, memory loss, and Irritable Male Syndrome. With the impact testosterone has on one’s mind, overall health, and well-being, it is no surprise that side effects create problems and introduce tension into relationships.

Both sexual activity and daily encounters may suffer as Low-T symptoms become more prominent in ones’ life. When a couple cannot communicate well, has trouble expressing themselves physically and is unable to achieve sexual climax, Low-T may be a significant factor. Sometimes protecting and preserving the relationship with your significant other means delving deeper into how you can manage and improve your own sexual health.

With a simple blood test, your physician can evaluate your testosterone and start discussing potential treatment options. Discover how you can revolutionize your well-being and sexual vitality through testosterone replacement therapy at

Comparing Short Versus Long Term Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual intimacy can provide great satisfaction but in the heat of the moment all that passion may be lost in an instant when ED disrupts the connection you and your partner are seeking. Many men searching for treatment for ED discover methods such as therapy, medications, or the Priapus Shot in Jacksonville, FL.

As you consider the various ways to manage ED, one decision you may be making is whether or not you want a treatment for in-the-moment or a longer term solution that allows you to participate in sexual activity without bringing medication into the bedroom.

Short-term treatment options for ED have some advantages. Using medication can feel similar to the way ibuprofen immediately treats a headache or allergy medication can be taken preemptively, stopping symptoms before you are exposed to triggers. It’s become more common for men to use ED medications, so you should feel comfortable knowing how popular ED medications are. However, while there is convenience in having a medication available, stopping to take it may interrupt the spontaneity of the moment.

Some men are choosing an alternative treatment for ED: the Priapus Shot, or P-shot. This all natural treatment uses Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to boost sexual vigor. In addition to improvement in erectile function, the treatment can last up to 18 months, and, in some cases, be permanent. To learn more about ED solutions and a custom treatment plan for you visit

Sleep Issues and Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Have you noticed that you frequently struggle with sleep issues and erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Some studies suggest a link between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction. Many men facing severe sleep apnea also present symptoms of erectile dysfunction. In addition to physical causes, the state of sleep deprivation may result in psychological factors that disrupt sexual behavior. Bringing exhaustion and stress into the bedroom also adds to existing feelings of frustration and tension around sexual activity and may add to biological factors effecting sexual function.

Part of this connection occurs due to the mechanism whereby testosterone is produced while sleeping. When there is less sleep, there may be a lower amount of testosterone. Additionally, the function of blood vessels and oxygen supply may be impaired for people with sleep apnea, and this can make prolonged arousal difficult.

Don’t let your sexual health threaten the quality of your relationships and your ability to experience a satisfying life. Find out how you can benefit from ED treatment in Jacksonville when you visit Pinnacle Men’s Health. In some cases, treating sleep problems can help improve sexual function. Aside from treating sleep-related disorders, there are medications and treatments available that are designed to decrease the impact of ED on the quality your life. Make an appointment to learn more about ED treatment at

What to Expect When Undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy

man walking across a wooden bridgeSo you’ve had your first appointment at Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville, and your blood test revealed that you suffer from abnormally low levels of testosterone – what now? Your doctor at Pinnacle Men’s Health will create a customized testosterone replacement therapy plan to suit your individual needs. This process is designed to help you regain your testosterone levels and help you sustain them. Here’s what to expect when you undergo treatment at Pinnacle Men’s Health:

Your Sex Drive Will Increase

Testosterone is responsible for fueling your libido, so when you start to increase testosterone levels in your body you will begin see improvements in your sex drive. As you go through treatment your libido may even be restored to what it was before you turned 30. If you are dealing with ED, you may find that it is easier for you to get and maintain and erection with continued treatment.

You’ll Feel More Energetic

Chronically low levels of testosterone can cause fatigue and a general lack of energy. As you go through testosterone replacement therapy in Florida you will find that you have more energy – not only for sex, but for your everyday tasks as well!

You May Lose Weight

Testosterone helps men regulate their metabolism, so as you go through therapy, you may find weight dropping off with minimal effort. You may also notice a positive difference in muscle tone. With a healthy exercise plan added on to your testosterone replacement therapy, you can transform your body into the fit, healthy body it was meant to be.

You May Experience Improved Mental Clarity & Health

One of the side effects of low testosterone is memory loss. While many of us see this as a normal part of aging, this isn’t necessarily true. Many men who undergo testosterone replacement therapy find renewed mental clarity. The treatment can also help with depression – another side effect of Low-T.

If you have not yet made your appointment with Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville, the best time to do so is now. On your first visit you will receive a simple blood test to determine if you suffer from Low-T, and then you can begin your custom treatment plan. Are you ready to experience increased sex drive, increased energy, improved mental clarity, and many other positive effects? Make your appointment today

Have You Tried Viagra and Other ED Drugs with No Success?

packets of viagraAs men age, they often find themselves relying on medications like Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis in order to get and maintain an erection. While these ED medications work well for some men, they don’t work for every man. Many men think that if these pills fail, then their penis is just broken and cannot work properly again. This is far from the case. This all has to do with how these medications function. Not every case of ED has the same root causes, which could be why Viagra, Levitra or Cialis may not work for you.

What These Medications Do

Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis are PDE5 inhibitors. They simply increase blood flow to the penis and relax smooth muscles in order to cause an erection. These medications all work in the same way, but can affect each person differently. There are also other things, like eating heavy meals before taking them, that can reduce their effectiveness.

Reasons They May Not Work for You

Erectile dysfunction is not a self-contained disorder. The inability to get or maintain an erection is not the only issue that you may be facing when it comes to ED. Some causes of ED that may be beyond the help of PDE5 inhibitors are vascular diseases, prostate infection or inflammation, prostate cancer, low testosterone, or diabetes.

Oftentimes, treating ED involves a lot more than simply popping a little blue pill before sex. If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction in Florida, and have tried medication with no success, make an appointment at Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville. We can create a customized treatment plan that can help you overcome ED.

3 Foods All Men Should Avoid

soy beans and soy milkOne of the most important things that men can do is ensure that their testosterone levels are healthy. We normally think of testosterone as a sex hormone, but chronically low testosterone can have an impact on your overall health, leading to things like osteoporosis, sleep apnea, weight gain, hair loss, memory loss, and depression. While testosterone does begin to decline past 30, there are things you may be consuming that could be suppressing your testosterone production. If you are a man, you should avoid these three foods:


Soy is a notorious testosterone killer because of its estrogenic properties. Excess estrogen production in men can cause gynecomastia – development of breasts in men, and weight gain. Soy is commonly found in sauces, dressings, breaded food, frozen meals, meal replacement shakes, and other processed foods. It’s important to read the label on any food that is not in its whole, natural state so that you can monitor your soy intake.

Fatty Foods

Foods that are high in saturated and hydrogenated fat make you feel sluggish, and they also suppress testosterone. Avoiding fried foods is your best bet when it comes to maintaining your testosterone levels and your heart health.

Consuming healthy fats from things like fish, nuts, and avocados will help you stay in good shape and keep your libido healthy as well.


Licorice contains glycyrrhizin, a natural ingredient that suppresses testosterone production in men. A few pieces on rare occasions will not hurt you, but you should avoid regularly indulging in this treat.

If you suspect that you may be dealing with chronically low levels of testosterone, no matter what the cause, visit Pinnacle Men’s Health for low testosterone treatment in Florida. Our doctors will determine if your hormone levels are imbalanced, and then customize a Low T treatment plan to fit your needs.

Is Stress Contributing to Your ED?

stressed out man with three heads doing many tasks at onceYou may not know it, but long term exposure to stressful situations can be affecting your health in a major way. Many modern men deal with stressful jobs every single day, which could play a role in the development of heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, and erectile dysfunction in Florida.

The Stress Hormone

When your body is under a great deal of stress, it produces a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol helps control blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism, and control blood sugar. While that sounds great, it can be dangerous in high amounts.

When your body produces too much cortisol for extended periods of time it can cause a condition called adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can cause a whole host of problems including:

  • Suppressed Immune System
  • Hypertension
  • High Blood Sugar
  • Reduced Libido

When cortisol is being produced, your body neglects the production of another extremely important hormone – testosterone. Testosterone is largely responsible for keeping your reproductive system functioning properly. Too little testosterone in the blood stream can cause erectile dysfunction and a loss of interest in sex.

How Can I Cure My ED?

While avoiding stress – particularly if it’s related to your job – is not always possible, there are treatment options out there. Schedule an appointment at Pinnacle Men’s Health to discuss various treatment options available for your erectile dysfunction.