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Exercise Tips that Help Increase Testosterone in Men

After around the age of 40, men will typically begin to experience a natural decline in testosterone and erectile function, commonly known as Andropause. While it is a natural part of aging, there is a way to improve sexual health, regardless of your age. Pinnacle Men’s Health is here to highlight some exercise tips that are known to increase testosterone levels in some men with low testosterone (low-t).

Short, intense workouts – Studies have found that men who incorporate strength training into their workout regime experience less low-t symptoms. When creating a weight training routine, try performing less repetitions and slightly more weight.

Reduce long-distance running – In a comparison between long-distance runners and people who were less active, a study also found that a majority of the runners had increased cortisol levels (associated with stress) and low-t symptoms.

Rest up – Working out too much is dangerous for anyone, so do not forget to let your body and mind rest between workout days. Allowing yourself to enjoy some recovery time can drastically help with emotional complications, like mood swings, caused by low-t.

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Mental Health Exercises for Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can sometimes run deeper than just a man’s physiology. From anxiety to stress, there are many psychological issues that can cause ED symptoms among men. While some men can benefit from medication to combat mental health issues, there are also some men who might benefit from some of the following simple mental health exercises:

  • Keep a personal journal. If you find it difficult to share and discuss your feelings, try writing in a journal daily. This can help you keep track of your mood, and daily experiences, and might help to you identify lifestyle changes that need to be made to improve your mental health.
  • Set short-term goals and remember to reward yourself. Stress and anxiety can deplete motivation so greatly that long-term goals can sometimes seem unattainable. Write down a list of short-term goals that lead to the accomplishment of a big long-term goal. For example, if you want to become an overall healthier person, try achieving smaller goals in weekly increments like going to the gym for 3 days or preparing healthier meals for some nights.
  • Find a new hobby or creative outlet. Whether it is playing guitar or cooking, studies have shown that engaging the creative part of your brain can significantly reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.

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