Debunking Common Myths about Low T among Men

While low testosterone (Low-t) is a common issue among men, it is often the most ignored. Some men will begin to experience emotional, mental, or physical issues as they age that can often be linked to low testosterone. While a visit to a men’s clinic can provide medically tested ways to boost testosterone, some men prefer to base their knowledge of Low-t on common myths. Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville is here to debunk myths surrounding Low-t.

“Men do not have to worry about their hormones.” After around the age of 30, testosterone levels will begin to naturally drop which can cause a variety of health issues. Some men will experience symptoms that are similar to women going through menopause: a drop in sexual drive, loss of muscle mass, or emotional health issues, like mood swings.

“I do not have to worry about low-t until I’m older.” While low-t is more common among older men, many men begin seeking ways to boost testosterone due to low-t in their late 20s/early 30s. It’s never too early to make sure your testosterone levels are within normal ranges.

“I do not have to seek low-t therapy, because my health is in top shape.” As an androgen, testosterone can either raise or lower cholesterol levels. This link between testosterone and cardiovascular health is even clearer with studies showing that low testosterone can be a sign of type II diabetes and heart disease. Although Low-t symptoms can seem minor, they might be signs of an underlying health condition that is going undetected.

“I feel fine, so I do not need a testosterone assessment.” Symptoms of low-t can sometimes be vague and often seem like natural parts of aging. For example, hair loss or weight loss/gain may seem like normal signs of getting older, but testosterone has a major effect on both of these symptoms.

Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville, FL can help you find natural ways to boost testosterone levels. Schedule an all-inclusive appointment today, it includes a testosterone assessment and Pinnacle Men’s Health offers a range of treatments for testosterone replacement.