Premature Ejaculation and Work Stress

For some people, premature ejaculation is a minor inconvenience and a rare occurrence. For others, this out of sync sexual response wreaks havoc on personal relationships. The challenge of ejaculation problems becomes a barrier to intimacy and often decreases your capacity for pleasure and mutual satisfaction in the bedroom. Evaluating the factors that can disrupt the regular process of ejaculation can guide you in your path to having a healthy sexual life.

Understanding Premature Ejaculation

It is natural to have varied times when ejaculation occurs during sexual activity. However, consistently facing the inability to control when this occurs can become an embarrassing and frustrating problem.

Problems with ejaculation can be present when trying to find individual satisfaction or achieve satisfaction with a partner. Premature ejaculation may be a symptom of a sexual issue, when ejaculation occurs spontaneously prior to penetration, or one is unable to delay ejaculation for more than one minute after penetration. The problem may either be present in every sexual encounter or develop during a certain period of life.

Work Stress and Sexual Activity

Work stress can play a significant role in disrupting sexual relations. The emotional and mental strain that can carry over from the office can become a major obstacle in achieving intimacy. Pressure from deadlines, managing one’s workload, navigating office relationships and staying competitive in your industry can take a toll on your mental state once you leave work. These distractions can prevent you from being able to relax and focus during sexual encounters.

Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

When we provide our patients at Pinnacle Men’s Health Jacksonville with help for their sexual health issues, we begin by looking at contributing factors. Work problems can be pervasive enough to impact sexual dysfunction. There are many factors that can be making sexual activity unpleasant and putting a wall between you and your partner.

Pinnacle Men’s Health Jacksonville diagnoses men suffering from sexual issues related to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low testosterone. As a first step in your treatment at Pinnacle Men’s Health Jacksonville you will receive a blood test to evaluate your testosterone levels which can impact your overall sexual health.

Learn how treatment plans from Pinnacle Men’s Health Jacksonville can help you find sexual satisfaction. Treatment for premature ejaculation may involve medication, exercises and techniques designed to prolong endurance. Schedule an appointment at a clinic near your through