Rediscover the Joy of Sex with the Priapus Shot

Aging is unfortunately inevitable, and for men it can mean a lessened sex drive, or even a decrease in sexual performance. Fortunately, you don’t have to allow this to happen. You can rediscover the joy of sex, and improve the appearance of your penis by getting the Priapus Shot in Jacksonville, FL.

What is the Priapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot is a non-surgical approach to improving your sexual health. The shot can treat erectile dysfunction, increase penis girth and length, and can help straighten the penis. If you are on another treatment course like TriMix, adding the Priapus Shot in Jacksonville, FL can help increase your results.

Typically, the effect of this treatment lasts up to 18 months, but it can be permanent in some cases.

Benefits of the Priapus Shot

There are many benefits to getting the Priapus Shot, and the physicians at Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville can work with you on a custom treatment plan to get the best possible results.

  • Natural Remedy – The Priapus shot is an all-natural treatment. This means that there are no dangerous side effects like you would get from another male enhancement program. It simply enhances your natural abilities safely and effectively. This technology is FDA approved and is administered by a medical doctor.
  • ED Treatment – If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction and have had little success with other remedies, the Priapus Shot may be your answer. Up to 90% improvement is possible.
  • Youthful Appearance – The Priapus Shot can help you recapture the youthful appearance of your penis by encouraging natural growth and performance.
  • Growth – The Priapus Shot causes increased blood flow, which may result in an increase in girth and length.
  • Enhances Other Therapies – If you are on TriMix, or another type of therapy, the Priapus Shot can enhance the results.
  • Undo Damage from Diseases – If you have had prostate cancer, diabetes, or Peyronie’s Disease (curving of the penis), and it resulted in decreased penile function, the Priapus Shot can help get you back in the game.

Ask Your Doctor if the Priapus Shot is Right for You

If you have been struggling with ED or other performance issues, or you want to improve the appearance and function of your penis, the Priapus Shot in Jacksonville, FL may be right for you. Talk to a physician at Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville to discuss your options. Contact us to make your first appointment, today.