Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction in Florida

Many people think of erectile dysfunction as just another symptom of aging – but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes there are other factors in your life that can cause ED, even if you are a young man. These risk factors could be contributing to or causing your erectile dysfunction in Florida.

Certain Medical Conditions – Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve and maintain an erection, which is due to a lack of blood flow to the penis. Any disease that affects your arteries, like heart disease and coronary artery disease can prevent enough blood from flowing to your penis. Diabetes, which causes nerve damage, can also be responsible for erectile dysfunction. Other medical conditions that affect ED include high blood pressure, infection or inflammation of the prostate, and prostate cancer.

Bad Habits – Tobacco use restricts blood flow with frequent use, which can lead to chronic health conditions as well as erectile dysfunction in Florida. Excessive and frequent alcohol consumption can also give you trouble in the bedroom.

Weight – Obesity can be a contributing factor when it comes to ED. It can also significantly lower your sex drive and make you feel sluggish. In addition, confidence issues from being overweight are also shown to cause performance problems.

Medications – Certain medications have been known to cause erectile dysfunction, including antihistamines, blood pressure medication, antidepressants, and pain medications. Be sure to read the information packet that comes with your prescription medication to see if erectile dysfunction is listed as a side effect.

Surgical Procedures & Treatments – Prostate surgery and radiation therapy for cancer have been linked to erectile dysfunction in Florida.

Psychological Disorders – Anxiety, depression, and excess stress can all be major contributing factors in your erectile dysfunction. This is not to say that ED is “all in your head”, but psychological disorders can play a role in the severity of your symptoms.

No matter what the cause for your ED, the doctors at Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville can help you. We have had success treating men just like you for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and Low-T. Make an appointment, today.