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Pinnacle Men’s Health Is Your Resource for Treating ED (Erectile Dysfunction) in Jacksonville

Happy Man and Woman Outdoors | PinnacleMensHealthJacksonville.comMost doctors and relationship experts would likely tell you how important sexual activity is to a romantic relationship. It is a part of your life like any other and contributes to the happiness of both people in a relationship. This is why erectile dysfunction, or ED, can wreak havoc on a romantic relationship.

ED is a type of male sexual dysfunction. Also known as impotence, it is the failure of a man to produce or keep an erection necessary for sex. This denies sexual satisfaction to you and your partner and can be frustrating to you both. Being unable to get an erection once in a while does not automatically mean you have ED. If the problem becomes chronic, however, you may want to visit a doctor like the doctors who specialize in men’s sexual health that you’ll find at Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville for a diagnosis.

A wide range of underlying health problems and other biological and psychological factors can cause ED. These may include high blood pressure and high cholesterol, obesity, tobacco use, diabetes, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and stress. Whatever the actual cause, ED can adversely affect a couple’s sex life and lead to anxiety and low self-confidence in men.

There is no single method of treating ED that will work for everyone. In some cases, eliminating ED requires addressing the underlying health conditions that caused it. This could involve being examined for heart disease, diabetes, or various problems of the penis or testicles. In cases of chronic ED, your doctor might prescribe an oral medication designed to improve male sexual function or prescribe other medications designed to improve sexual function.

Another option for treating ED is called WAVE Therapy and is available at Pinnacle Men’s Health in Jacksonville, Florida. This involves using sound waves to increase blood flow to the penis and ideally eliminate ED. Patients using WAVE Therapy have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the therapy and reported a significant return of spontaneity to their intimate relationships.  Whatever kind of help you need in treating your ED, Pinnacle Men’s Health is here for you. Call us at (904) 584-3925 for more information.