The Underlying Causes of ED

To truly cure a problem, you need to get to the source rather than just treat the symptoms. The same is true for erectile dysfunction. If you are looking for ED treatment in Jacksonville, FL it’s important to figure out the underlying causes of your ED so that we can find the best treatment for you.

Temporary Vs. Long Term Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a relatively common problem among men over the age 40, but can affect men of any age. We can divide erectile dysfunction into two categories – short term and long term. Both can be treated, but it’s important that we know which category your erectile dysfunction is grouped into before we can begin treatment.

  • Short Term ED – Short term ED is when you have had successful sexual encounters in the past, but have recently begun experiencing problems with erectile dysfunction in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Long Term ED – If you have long term ED, you experience problems every time you try to have sex. This can happen with age, or with other health problems.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Jacksonville, FL

When you come to Pinnacle Men’s Health for ED treatment in Jacksonville, FL, our doctor will work with you to determine what is causing your ED so we can provide the best treatment possible.

  • Medications – Erectile dysfunction is a side effect of certain medications, so compile a list of everything you are taking to show to your erectile dysfunction doctor in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • High Blood Pressure/Hypertension – Hypertension and blood pressure problems have a negative impact on blood flow within your body. Unfortunately, this can also affect blood flow to your penis.
  • Diabetes – One of the worst effects of diabetes is the deadening of nerve tissue – especially if your blood sugar levels are not well controlled. This can affect the sensitive nerves in your penis.
  • Performance Anxiety – Anxiety contributes negatively to your sexual health. It can be difficult to get or maintain an erection if you are nervous about your sexual performance.
  • Low-T – Lowered levels of testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction, among other things. Sometimes treating this hormone imbalance is all you need to cure your erectile dysfunction.
  • Prostate Issues – Erectile dysfunction can be a warning sign for things like prostate cancer. It’s important to see your doctor for regular prostate exams to make sure that you are healthy.
  • Heart Disease – Heart disease is characterized by a decrease in healthy blood flow, which can in turn decrease the flow of blood to your penis.
  • Alcohol – Many men have turned to liquid courage to give them confidence in the bedroom, but you should never overdo it. Not only can overindulging in alcohol cause temporary ED problems in young and virile men, alcohol dependence can also cause long term erectile dysfunction.

When you need ED treatment in Jacksonville, FL look no further than Pinnacle Men’s Health. We are experts at restoring the sexual health of our patients. Contact us today to make an appointment with our erectile dysfunction doctor in Jacksonville, Florida.